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As a servicer of medical imaging equipment, we are all too familiar with the cost of low quality when it concerns imaging parts.  We will not sell a part before its time; before it is tested on a live system and we would be proud to replace that part ourselves on a system that may well be used to inject a loved one of our own. Parts done right is mission-critical.

Depend on ISS for competitive prices on OEM equivalent, quality, parts and components.  We have your part and we have your back.

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Level-2 Maintenance Training, Going beyond the PM...... Delivered by Experts

ISS provides in-depth, hands-on Contrast Injector training delivered by the leading experts in the industry. This course is designed to train participants who have a working knowledge of contrast injectors to the next level of maintenance, repair and troubleshooting their organization's contrast injectors. This self-paced training is supervised by Injector Support and Service expert technicians who are well versed with all aspects of the injectors being trained on. Participants will will re-familiarize themselves with the injectors by conducting operational checks and services, then dig into trouble shooting the injectors by replacing boards, motors and other components that fail and bring the injectors back to an operational status. Students will have the opportunity to learn and perform Operational Checkout Procedures, PMs and Calibrations/Calibration Verifications on the following models:

  • MKV Provis
  • Stellant
  • Solaris
  • MK7 Arterion (Coming Soon!)


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