Simple, collaborative and customized solutions.

Confidence in your service provider is a key success factor for your organization. Our customers are confident in ISS. Our engineers and customer experience staff are trained on all imaging modalities and across all manufacturers, with advanced expertise in imaging center and hospital markets. There are no surprises when your engineers are prepared, and your solution is full spectrum. At ISS we are prepared. Most service providers specialize in certain modalities or work with specific manufacturers, or your choice is the expensive, inflexible, OEM. With ISS we cover it all. At ISS we’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all, and we do it faster, better and more cost-effectively than all competitors.

When you partner with ISS, you not only receive unmatched cross-modality and cross-manufacturer expertise, but also contracts that are designed to protect, not constrain; simplified flat-rate pricing; and coverage that extends beyond the warranty.

We offer one – to five – year contracts with a 30-day out clause in the first year – our performance is our contract. We are most proud that no customer has ever exercised this clause and we have a near 100% retention rate on all of our contracts.

Our Solutions

The world moves fast. We move faster.